Links to Other Relevant Projects and Organizations

3 Bute is an online anthology devoted to the contexts often missing when African stories are reported. Visitors can add content.

The Aftermath Project is a new foundation that will award grants to documentary photographers documenting the aftermath of war and conflict throughout the world.

Art Miles Mural Project has organized the creation of over 12 miles of murals by children and adults worldwide for the past twelve years to promote global peace and harmony.

Dan Eldon was a photojournalist, artist and activist who was killed at the young age of 22 while working as a photojournalist in Somalia. Dan’s mother Kathy, and sister Amy founded the Creative Visions Foundation (, which inspires, informs and empowers “creative activists” like Dan to find solutions to local and global issues and ignite positive change.

Glenna Gordon is a documentary photographer who has extensively documented the aftermath of Liberia’s civil war.

Liberia 77 collects pre-war photographs of Liberia and has made them available to the public through an online archive. These photographs will be returned to the National Museum in Liberia. This is an effort to restore through photographs the historical memory of Liberia.

Lily Yeh is an artist who through community arts projects heals and builds impoverished and war-torn communities internationally.

Making Art with Purpose is a resource site for creative projects that are achieving positive change in the world.

Manchester Bidwell Corporation is a center where struggling individuals find community, healing and purpose through an environment that empowers them using art, light, music and an encouraging staff.

Nancy Etcoff is a psychologist and cognitive researcher at Harvard University who studies happiness and looks at why beauty is essential to life and happiness. She was interviewed for the “What is Beauty?” episode of TED Radio Hour.

Patrick Awuah is Co-founder of Ashesi University College, a liberal arts college in Accra, Ghana that is dedicated to producing ethical African leaders. He believes that cultivating creativity and critical thinking in students is essential to this goal.

Robert Gupta is a violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra who uses his music to connect with people who are homeless or have mental illness, and believes in music’s power to connect and heal. Listen to his TED talk.

The Sarajevo Roses are the scars in pavements filled with red resin in Sarajevo where mortar shells exploded during the Bosnian War. They have been created in memory of those who died from the explosions.

Young-ha Kim is a celebrated Korean author who encourages everyone to tap into his or her creative self in order to truly express who he or she is. Listen to his TED talk.

Art is the ultimate goal. It saves our souls and makes us live happily.”
– Young-ha Kim, novelist, South Korea

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