• Partners


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  • Our Projects

    • Caring For Congo
    • 2015


    • Goudoubo Project
    • 2014


    • Little Wlebo Project Photo
    • 2012

      Little Wlebo

    • Oxfam Project
    • 2011


    • 2013-2014


    • Tubman University Project
    • 2012

      Tubman University

    • Harper City Project
    • 2011

      Harper City

  • Supporters

    Our projects could not have been accomplished without the support of each and every person who has given, and we humbly thank you all. The following individuals and foundations have made significant contributions and we would like to gratefully acknowledge their support.


    Novo Foundation, Newman's Own Foundation, Belacqua Charitable Trust


    Abigail Disney, The International Foundation, Riverside Sharing Fund


    The Boost, Alex & Teresa Cummings, Suzanne Clair Guard, David & Jennifer Mallie, Jeremy Nobel, Carla Soracco, Bob & Nancy Young, E Grossman Family Trust


    Donald R. Fischer, Paul Fong, John Mallie, Numa Marlborough & Rebecca del Rio, Amy Goddard-Smith & John Zinman, Rose Community Foundation, Barbara & Wade Killefer, Gayle Embrey

  • Project Partners

  • University Partner

    Colors of Connection maintains a close working relationship with the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Institute for Nonprofit Organizations (INPO). Our partnership with the INPO, which includes it’s Director Dr. Anthony Mallon serving on the Colors of Connection board, facilitates access by Colors of Connection to affiliated faculty and graduate students who collaborate with us in building our organizational capacity through searching for and applying for grants, planning fund raising events, identifying board members, and refining our program model and curriculum. We contribute to the work of the Institute by allowing graduate assistants to gain valuable experience in learning about our work and in consulting with faculty members who are conducting research and teaching related in the areas of arts education, human rights, and community empowerment.

  • Volunteers

    Cecile Dong (Business Development), Leea Fisher (Accounting), Tim Firchell (Accounting), Amelia Franz (Website development), Eric Schleeper (Website development), Elana Schlenker (Website and logo design), Dario Orozco (Website Maintenance), Stephen Goethals (Video), Eleanor Wright (Illustration), Anna Robinson (Website Maintenance), Mohammed Elnour (Graphic design), Ted De Barbieri, Kaylen Dayter, Jacob Verchereau, and Maxwell Radley and the Community Development Clinic at Albany Law School (501(c)(3) application)

  • “The ability to create is the most empowering thing that can happen to an individual.”

    - Patrick Awuah, Cofounder of Ashesi University, Ghana