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  • Philanthropy New York

    "How Funders Can Use the Power of Art to Heal in Post-Conflict Settings"


    Philanthropy New York

  • “Christina Mallie interview”

    "Christina Mallie interviewed by our hero and mentor Kathy Eldon at the Dan Eldon Center."

  • “I Am Colors of Connection”

    "We came to realize that places as isolated and underdeveloped as Harper need creative energy almost as much as anything else and that art does have a real power."

    Fourteen Black Poppies, 10.02.13


basically, this is the same format as the previous “Partners” page

  • Our Projects

    • Caring For Congo
    • 2015


    • Goudoubo Project
    • 2014


    • Little Wlebo Project Photo
    • 2012

      Little Wlebo

    • Oxfam Project
    • 2011


    • 2013-2014


    • Tubman University Project
    • 2012

      Tubman University

    • Harper City Project
    • 2011

      Harper City

  • “Little Wlebo Refugee Camp Project”

    "This project worked to contribute to a more vibrant civil society, sense of place, culture, and self-representation for residents."
    Danish Refugee Council

  • “Beyond the Walls: the Film”

    "All over the world, people from different cultures instinctively go to the walls, painting their stories as a way to give voice to their life experiences."
    Beyond the Walls: the Film

  • “Multidisciplinary Gallery Show to Benefit Arts and Culture Revitalization in Liberia”

    "The show is a two day affair at the Lower East Side Gallery
    A Gathering of the Tribes, Date 12.01.10

  • United Nations Mission in Liberia Radio Interview

    "When people see development going on, it gives them ideas. It gives them hope."
    Date 05.11.13