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  • Our Projects

    • Caring For Congo
    • 2015


    • Goudoubo Project
    • 2014


    • Little Wlebo Project Photo
    • 2012

      Little Wlebo

    • Oxfam Project
    • 2011


    • 2013-2014


    • Tubman University Project
    • 2012

      Tubman University

    • Harper City Project
    • 2011

      Harper City


    For me, it was like people getting to know I had the gift of drawing. It's like exposing to the world that I really have the gift. I was happy that the world knew.
    --Diana, age 17
    Harper Project Participant

  • Before [the project] I was afraid of the other ethnicities, to be together with them. But attending the class changed me, now I understand them and can work together with them. And they understand me better too.
    -Issa, age 17
    Goudoubo Project Participant


    Thanks to [Colors of Connection], now we are loved by the community.
    -Teka, age 16
    Little Wlebo Project Participant

  • The arts will make a positive impact here in Liberia because it helps [students] to create something from the imagination. It helps them see colors, being blended, coming together, something come to life. So it will help in developing students. It will help in the development of Liberia. I believe that.

    - Khaliatu George
    Tubman University student in
    Principles of Teaching
    the Arts in Education


    Joining the class was better for me, for loneliness. I didn’t have friends before the project. Now everyone in the project is my friend.

    - Feedy, age 15
    Goudoubo Project Participant